Our Passion & Style

Handmade custom solid wood longboard cruiser skateboards

Wood is our passion and we love making these boards. We started Nudie, as 2 best friends wanting to make beautiful boards with our hands, and our greatest reward has been the characters we've met along the way and the kind words from people that enjoy our creations.

We are always on the look out for really unusual timbers, and wood that has seen a previous life and is waiting to be reborn, vintage wooden waterskis, or materials that haven't traditionally been used in the production of skateboards. Perhaps we spend too long looking through racks of wood selecting the most stunning grain to enhance the natural beauty of the board, but we love every minute of it. Ah, the rawness of hand shaping and sanding a board, to the different smells of wood that are left on our clothes after we finish shaping, as lingering memories of our latest creations.

Handmade custom solid wood longboard cruiser skateboards

Our special process involves starting with a beautiful 20mm thick length of wood and hand shaping it from the centre to taper out towards the edges. This gives it 70's surfboard style, and keeps the board light, whilst keeping the strength of the wood in its core. Each board is hot branded with our logo, and can be personalised with a name and/or message before the finishing layer is applied. We can also laser etch names and logos or go to town with full board designs. To seal the boards we use natural oils and on our nude boards, and water based varnish on our painted boards.

Nudie Boards handmade custom longboard cruiser skateboards

We've partnered with premium skate companies: Seismic, Cadillac, Paris and Bones to ensure the highest ride quality from their components. We use soft Seismic & Cadillac urethane wheels, legendary Paris trucks, Bones Super Reds superior quality steel bearings, and lastly a shot of surfing soul to make you buzz every time the wheels start rolling.