Rajasthani 'Goods Carrier' Truck Sign Artboard

  • This is a truly one off piece of skateboard art.

    We usually make skateboards that feel unique to ride from stunningly grained hardwoods. Unlike modern boards, ours are made from solid wood that is hand shaped underneath to give it a surfboard-like profile, keeping it strong whilst giving it a little flex.

    But this time it would be different, as we were about to reinvent this beautiful antique Rajasthani Truck sign as a Nudie Board.

    Now when we initially saw a photo of the sign, we hoped we would be able to build a rideable skateboard from it. We had some reservations though as we imagined that it would come with some character as it had been on the front of a truck bouncing around Rajasthan for many years. So, when it arrived, we closely inspected it and found some pretty major splits in the wood.

    Now we had 2 choices…

    Shave the wood down and keep only about 5mm of the original timber to laminate with a stronger piece of wood. This would keep the sign written side only, and lose most of the character of the wood..

    Or do our best to glue and repair the wood, and design a longboard that might be rideable, and would keep all the character of the original sign.

    We went with the latter, and designed the sharp pintail shape to keep all of the sign writing in and lose the weakest parts of the sign. We then spent many hours carefully stripping back, repairing and gluing any damage we found, whilst also not hiding it, so it would show the character of the original wood from the many journeys it had been on.

    When it came to the underside, after a few coats of natural Tung oil to bring out the colour of the grain, we decided to add the surprise of a full length laser etched mandala flower to celebrate its reincarnation as a creator of new journeys and fun times, and nod to the intricate carvings found all over its home region.

    We then used Paris 150mm Trucks, Cadillac Bearings and Seismic Avalon Clear Blue 68mm soft 80A wheels to complete the ride.

    The irony is that it’s too unique and a bit too split to risk riding, so it will likely find itself at home on someone’s wall. But we still think keeping the piece whole was the best decision, as it is so unusual, and it has inspired us to hunt out more characterful timbers that have been on journeys in their former lives to reincarnate as one-off rideable art boards.

  • The board comes in at 40 inches long and 6 inches wide.

    Deck: Antique Rajasthani Truck Sign
    Trucks: Paris 150mm
    Wheels: Seismic Avalon Clear Blue 68mm soft 80A 
    Bearings: Cadillac
    Finish: Tung Oil provides natural protection

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