Cruising the Southbank

London's South Bank is one of the homes of British skating, where the current skate park was adopted almost 40 years ago. It's a very fond place for us.

Unfortunately this place is soon to flattened and filled in with shops (and yes, we did think about putting a bid in for a Nudie Skate shop!!)

We went along on Thursday to lend our support to the Save Southbank Skatepark appeal.

We added our signatures to the growing petition and promised to put their plight (and ours) on our blog. So if you have time... it's worth saving this part of our skating history. Please show your support here:  OR

After that we pumped our way to City Hall, powered on mulled wine, and skated till we needed more fuel. The Nudie boards really came into their own here with the super smooth surface and long gentle slopes leading down into the amphitheatre by the Mayor's Egg, where you have to be quick to pull your toe side rail up and slide the back out or you'll have a nasty meeting with a glass door and a half asleep security guard!

We had our half way point at St Katherine's dock, and then cruised back through Borough Market for an Argentinian Steak sandwich and a beer, before heading home for the night. If any of you fancy a mellow cruise along Southbank once every few weeks, let us know, as we're thinking of organising a regular event if there's enough interest.

After our skate around the marina, we also thought about upgrading Alby's boat to a Sunseeker with a half pipe on the deck, but might just need to sell a few more boards before that happens... XX