Get Nudie field trip!

Here at Nudie Boards we don't just sleep with our boards, but take them out to use and abuse!

We heard of the largest landform sculpture in the world which happened to be a nudie woman with paths! We couldn't resist, so got on a train up to Northumberlandia to check it out.

Apparently you're not allowed to skate here...which, as it turned out, makes total sense! The paths were not concrete as the aerial photo suggested but compacted gravel! oops! But we never pass up any chance to skate....

It turned out to be a load of fun and one of the surrealist skates sessions I've done! Carving my way from the sculpture's forehead down through her cleavage (!), past her knees to her feet. The soft set up and wheels ate up the downhill rough paths and I was able to pull off some fast backside slides on the turns! Even my young nieces and nephews had a go (they are now bothering my sister for some Nudie Boards for Xmas!!)

Right, now to search for other crazy places to 'get Nudie'!