November 12, 2014


Now SOLD OUT. Vintage Kathro trick waterskis brought back to life as restyled pintail longboard skateboards. 

They are seriously fun and super smooth to ride. Plenty of flex too as the original Kathro's are laminated.

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So a little about the very special board...

Well, if you've read our story, you'll know how it all started for us. And as you might have gathered from the title and the photo below, we've been having a lot of fun shaping skate skis. Yes! Vintage wooden waterskis brought back to life as the ultimate cruisers, with heritage.

After hunting out the ideal vintage wooden donor ski, we clean, strip, design, reshape, oil, wax, and then add our Paris Trucks and super soft Seismic wheels to bring them out of hypersleep and wake them ready for a new life of fun.

This yellow beauty is 1 of 4 limited edition 36" Pintails. We managed to hunt down some donor skis in great condition, and based the shape on our 37" Pintail, but slightly shortened with a rounded nose as this suits this ski styling. She's the same wheelbase, so will be a really carvy fun ride, with more flex than our solid Nudies as this baby is laminated.

We strip our tricky skis back, and leave a few of the surface battle scars showing as a reminder of their previous adventures. Then we paint the grooves to match the multi-colour wheels. They have Paris 180 V2 Trucks with Avalon Clear Vintage Red 78A's on the nose, and Avalon Clear Blue 80A's on the tail.

And this the original ski...

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November 22, 2013


Great news! Board number 001 has been sold within a day of us launching!

Thanks for all the support and great feedback so far - keep it coming!

November 19, 2013

We love Anna

We love Anna Cribb!

She's the star of our launch campaign. She's a dream to work with and the results are absolutely stunning.

Thanks Anna x

November 09, 2013